David Watkins

161.  Cleaning Up Your Cleaning: Exploring Sustainability in Product Manufacturing  with David Watkins, Co-Founder of Dirty Labs

When it comes to reducing waste in our daily lives, there are several steps we can take, like curbing our consumerism, composting our food waste, and recycling. But what about our cleaning products? Have you ever thought about the impact of your laundry detergent or hand wash and what actually goes down the drain? If you're curious about cleaning up your own cleaning routine and learning about the ingredients in your household products you'll want to hear today's episode with David Watkins, the co-founder of Dirty Labs.

David, an award-winning product designer and entrepreneur, has seen firsthand the staggering amount of manufacturing waste generated by consumer products. That's why he decided to start Dirty Labs, a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly alternatives to conventional cleaners and detergents. In this episode, Emma and Mary sit down with David, and he shares his insights on conscious consumerism and how working with Dirty Labs has influenced his own shopping habits.

If you're curious about cleaning up your own cleaning routine and learning about the ingredients in your household products Tune in to this episode and discover how Dirty Labs is making a difference in the world of sustainable consumer goods.

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Topics Discussed

• Petrochemicals & Harsh Synthetic Compounds

• The Role of Chemistry in Environmentalism

• The Origins of Dirty Labs

• Cleaning Innovations Lab

• Laundry, Laundry Sheets, and Tide Pods

• Greenwashing

• Incorporating Sustainability into Business Practices

• The Perceived Value of Something

• Why Use Silicone

• Re-learning the Proper Quantity to Use

• How Businesses Get Us to Consume More and More Product

• California Prop 65 Chemical of Concern

• Laundry Scents

• Regional Ingredient Bans

• 1, 4-Dioxane


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