BONUS: The Slow and Sustainable Kitchen | Part 1

BONUS: The Slow and Sustainable Kitchen | Part 1 

In the first of this two-part series on how to achieve a slow and sustainable kitchen, Mary and Emma discuss their own experiences with sustainable food sourcing, including tips for how to find local food and how to shop more sustainably in the grocery store when local food is less available. They also talk about packaging considerations as a guide for sustainable food shopping, and some unique ideas for low waste kitchen storage. More to come in Part 2!

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Topics Discussed

• There are many things to discuss on the topic of the slow kitchen
• Start with local food when possible
• Tips for food sourcing when local food is less available
• Shopping tips
• Packaging and lower waste considerations
• Sustainable kitchen storage--mason jars and more!


• Find your local food sources HERE
• For sustainable and slow food shopping--Eating on the Wild Side/ The Missing Link to Optimum Health by Jo Robinson

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