Danielle Schwab Part One

187.  Eating for the Future with Danielle Schwab of Illuminate Food Part 1

In this Episode, Danielle Schwab , founder of Illuminate Food discusses her journey from the corporate world to the food industry and her current work in the mushroom meat sector. She has dedicated her career to helping consumers understand our food system so as individuals making personal food decisions we can shift to a more sustainable way of feeding ourselves. In this discussion we explore the complexities of global supply chains and the need for more depth in consumer discussion and understanding. Danielle highlights the importance of individual choices in driving change and the challenges of convincing consumers to try unfamiliar foods, difficulties in innovating the food system, and the tendency to embrace simplistic solutions to the problem of ensuring our food supply for the future.

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Topics Discussed

· Spring Cleaning

· Mushroom Meat: What It Is & Its Benefits

· Foraging & Global Food Systems

· Journey from the Corporate World to Food Industry

· Starting a Farm Box Business

· Structure & Operation of the Farm Box vs. CSAs

· Accessing Local, Sustainable Food

· Global Food Supply Chains

· Viral Content, Awareness, and Social Media Trends

· Writing About Food

· The Soybean Industry

· Innovating Our Food Systems

· How We Make Our Food Choices

· Commodity Crops

· How Policy and Institutions Shape Our Food Choices

· Challenges in Local & Commodity Scale Production

· The Struggle with Getting Good Quality Food

· Being a Flexitarian


Episode Resources:

· Illuminate Good Article “Does Being Resourceful Lead to Destruction?”


Connect with Danielle Schwab:

· Website: https://illuminate-food.com

· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/illuminate_food/

· Links: https://linktr.ee/illuminatefood

· Substack: https://illuminatefood.substack.com



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