Nicky and Dave Schauder

186. Grow Your Own Food with Nicky and Dave Schauder of Permaculture Gardens

In this episode we welcome back Dave and Nicky Schauder to The Good Dirt to reconnect and update our listeners on what’s been happening with their business project, Permaculture Gardens. We talked to them almost four years ago now, in June of 2020, early in lockdown when the buzz about growing your own food was really getting ramped up. Nicky and Dave started Permaculture Gardens to make permaculture and growing food accessible to everyone - especially families! They specialize in education for backyard vegetable gardens, small-space permaculture and indoor gardening solutions. For several years, they grew hundreds of pounds of their own food for themselves and their six children on a small suburban townhouse lot. In this conversation we'll hear about their new location and the innovative new gardening app, Sage, designed to simplify and streamline sustainable gardening practices. Tune in to Dave and Nicky for inspiration on growing your own food, even with limited time and space.

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Topics Discussed

· A Peak Behind the Scenes: Google Drive Problems

· Slow Living Challenge Takeaways

· The Permaculture Principle of 'The Problem is the Solution'

· Evolution of Permaculture Gardens.

· The backstory of the Schauders' journey into permaculture f

· Children's health challenges and their commitment to organic food.

· The Launch & Impact of Afterschool Permaculture Programs

· Starting a Personal garden

· Their Approach to permaculture education.

· Transition to a larger space for both their family and permaculture projects

· The development and features of the new app SAGE

· Community Engagement, Education, and their Observation of Climate Changes on Gardening Choices.

· Balancing Raising Kids and Permaculture

· The Kickstarter for their SAGE

· Fences as a Living Basket

· Harvesting Your Own Food

· Native vs. Nonnative Plants

· Favorite Things to Grow Including: Bananas, PawPaws, Blackberries, Perennials, and more

· “Lazy Gardening”

· The Gradual Evolution of Your Garden

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