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143.  (Replay #37) The Accidental Rancher - Reconnecting to the Land with Singer Songwriter Eliza Blue

As Mary and Emma prepare for Emma's wedding, they are looking back at some of their favorite episodes on The Good Dirt. Today, it is a replay of episode 37, which first aired on April 9th, 2021.

In this episode, Mary and Emma have a wonderful conversation with Eliza Blue, a singer/songwriter who lives and works on a regeneratively-managed ranch raising grass-fed cattle and fiber sheep with her husband and two children. Eliza discusses her transition from the life of a touring musician to a teaching job in South Dakota, and the pivotal moment when she walked into a friend's lambing barn during lambing season and realized she had found her calling.

Eliza's connection to the land is evident in her stories of life on the ranch and her daily involvement with the animals and natural environment. She has written a book called "Accidental Rancher," which was released last spring. Additionally, she writes and produces audio "postcards" about ranch life for the North and South Dakota NPR affiliates. She has also just finished filming for a new series that celebrates rural life through stories and songs called "Wish You Were Here.

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Topics Discussed

• The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living

• Eliza introduces herself

• Eliza’s creative endeavor 

• Eliza’s shares a story from the ranch

• How the pandemic has affected Eliza’s life

• What inspires Eliza’s music and songwriting?

• Regenerative Agriculture in the grasslands

• What does The Good Dirt mean to Eliza?

Episode Resources:

Connect with Eliza Blue:

• Website: https://elizablue.net/

• Instagram: @elizabluesings


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