Emily Prieto

153.  Regenerative Business with Emily Prieto of Seeds of Tao

In a world where rampant consumerism leads to the exploitation of the Earth's resources, what solutions can we look to for a more sustainable economy? Today's guest, Emily Prieto, co-founder of Seeds of Tao with her husband Joshua Paul Prieto, proposes an alternate path: Regenerative Business. Rather than solely focusing on the bottom line, regenerative business aims to form a circular economy, where production and consumption involve sharing, reusing, and recycling current products as long as possible.

As an artist, entrepreneur, regenerative land designer, brand strategist, marketer, and mother of four, Emily advises fellow business owners on how to increase their profits while giving back to the planet. She aims to completely rewrite entrepreneurial education, focusing on local bio-regional issues, because what works in Washington D.C may not work in Argentina.

This discussion delves into how the current economy takes but fails to give back, the small changes we can make to be more responsible in our choice of businesses to work with and support, and what buzzwords to look out for in greenwashing marketing practices.

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Topics Discussed

Reishi Powder & Umami

Slow Living Through the Seasons Podcast

• Regenerative Business & Scaling Impact

• Building a Circular Economy

• The Meaning Behind "Seeds of Tao"

• Taoism

• Emily's Journey to Panama

• Permaculture Design & Natural Buildings

• Bio-Regional Hub

• Creating a Home Based on the Climate

• Local Business

• The Power of Reframing Language

• Moving Away from the Bottom Line

• Examples of Regenerative Businesses

• Tech & Sustainability

• Greenwashing and Voting with Your Dollars

• The Types of Businesses Emily Works With

• Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Solopreneurs vs. Big Corporations

• What Consumers Need to Know About Marketing

• Permaculture Land Design

• Emily and Her Family's Work in the Rainforest

• Hope in the Face of Eco-Grief

• Motherhood and Slow Living


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