Princess Manuel

154. Healing the Wounds of Trauma with Princess Manuel, Spiritual Life Coach, Community Herbalist and Founder of LUYA Healing and Herbs.

TRIGGER WARNING: Princess Manuel briefly mentions her history with suicidal ideation. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

Many of us have lost our connection to the Earth through decades of colonization and the pressures of a capitalistic system, and consequently we have lost connection to our community as well. How can we rediscover our way back to each other and the plant and animal life all around us? Princess Manuel, LMSW (she/they/siya/sila), has been pursuing the answer to this question as a Spiritual Life Coach, Community Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner and Founder of LUYA Healing and Herbs. She is deeply committed to helping communities of color heal generational trauma that presents itself in triggers, exhaustion, lack of motivation and low self-worth.

Princess is interested in helping us thrive and rise above victimization and survival, and specializes in mental health wellness with a decolonization and intersectional framework. In this conversation, Princess talks about efforts to decolonize therapy and address the limiting beliefs placed on us all, and explains how nature holds the healing we need for our original attachment and mother wounds. Princess gives us unique insight into the healing wisdom of plant medicines, ancestral technology and somatic practices, animal spirit guides and ritual practices as tools for helping us reconnect with ourselves and the land.

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Topics Discussed

  • It's still summer!
  • Decolonizing therapy
  • Addressing Limiting Beliefs and the impacts of racism, sexism and classism
  • Intergenerational and present-day trauma
  • Healing by Reconnecting with the Earth
  • Becoming an Herbalist & Studying Traditional Medicine
  • Guidance towards Shamanism
  • Psychosomatic Healing Practices
  • Sourcing Herbs
  • Attachment Wounds & Mother Wounds
  • Insecure vs. Secure Attachments
  • Learning from Plants through the Indigenous View instead of a Capitalistic View
  • Healing Our Original Attachment Wound & Reconnecting with the Land
  • Indigenous Peoples' Connection to & Knowledge of the Earth
  • Belonging
  • The Privilege of the Nuclear Family
  • Generational Traumas
  • Animal and Spiritual Herbalism
  • Shamanic Journeying & A Lifestyle of Ritual Practice
  • Community Organizing & Think Tanks
  • The Soul Fire Farm Speaker's Collective
  • Knowing that You Are Love

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