Judith Horvath

182.  The Benefits of Regenerative Farming and Agrihoods with Judith Horvath 

Where does our food come from, and what will happen when we have no farmers coming in to take over the legacy of the farmers of today? In this conversation with business executive, homesteader, and consultant Judith Horvath, Judith speaks extensively on the benefits of regenerative agriculture, her experience in agri-entrepreneurism, and her vision for the development of agrihoods — communities centered around functional farms that provide food for the community. Judith encourages a close connection to the food we consume, supporting local farming communities, and adopting sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Judith also highlights the significance of high-quality soil and efficient farming methods for successful results in small scale farming. She discusses her role as a mentor to aspiring farmers and helps develop plans for regenerative agricultural ventures and her vision for creating a resilient food supply chain through the small local farms.

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Topics Discussed

· Slow Living Challenge & Daffodils

· A Farmer’s Living Wage

· The Agrihood Movement

· Composting Waste

· Growing Your Own Food and Knowing the Food Supply Chain

· Convincing Local Grocery Stores to Provide Cast-off Produce

· Challenges Faced in Obtaining Cast-off Produce from Grocery Stores

· Benefits of Supporting Local Farms and Communities

· The Need for Farmers to Engage in Ongoing Public Awareness Programs

· Importance of Sustainable Farming Practices, Such as Interplanting and Companion Planting

· The Value of Open-Pollinated and Heirloom Varieties of Vegetables

· Encouraging the Acceptance of "Ugly" Produce

· The Significance of No-Till and Low-Till Farming Practices

· The Role of Composting and Waste Reduction in Sustainable Farming

· Encouraging Youth and Individuals with Special Needs to Consider Farming as a Career

· The Potential of Agrihoods and Eco-Communities in Promoting Sustainable Food Systems

· The Need for Continued Documentation and Sharing of Experiences in Agrihood Projects

Episode Resources:

· Join the Slow Living Challenge on Substack

· Common Ground Film

· Kiss the Ground

· The FOOP

Connect with Judith Farrell Horvath:

· Website: https://www.fairhillfarm.com

· Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/judithhorvath/

· Podcast: https://fairhillfarm.podbean.com


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