Stephanie O'Dea

183. Manifesting the Life You Want with Stephanie O'Dea of the Slow Living Podcast

We last saw Stephanie in Episode 110, “Designing the Life of Your Dream in a Consumer Culture with Stephanie O’Dea of The Slow Living Podcast” and it was an absolute hit with our listeners. Now a few years out of the pandemic, and dozens of episodes of the Slow Living with Stephanie O'Dea Podcast out, Stephanie comes back onto The Good Dirt to dive into how her definition of slow living has changed. She discusses the nostalgia her clients have felt for the slower pace of life during Covid-19 lockdowns and the difficulty of maintaining that slowness when life returns to normal. She also shares her take on the idea of manifestation contrasted against the desire for immediate gratification, and practical tips for achieving long-term goals. If you have been searching for a way to find personal contentment in your life, Stephanie’s advice will give you a starting place to view your aspirations in a completely new light.


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Topics Discussed

· Welcoming March - AKA Emma’s Birthday Month. the spring equinox and Easter

· Manifesting What One Wants in Life

· SMART Goals

· SLOW - Simply Look Only Within

· Care Tasks vs. Chores

· The Great Resignation & Finding Fulfillment Outside of Work

· Maintaining a Lifestyle Balance

· Preparing for the Future

· Looking at the Length of a Lifetime

· Taking Action & Making Consistent Moves Towards Goals

· Mindset & Outcomes

· Societal Expectations on Success & Hustling

· Consumerism

· Focusing on Liking How Your Life Feels

· Decluttering, both Mentally and Physically

· Intentional Goal Setting

· How Life & Individual Goals have Evolved Since the Pandemic

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· Read How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing by KC Davis

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