Mary & Emma Chat: What is Slow Living?

181. Mary & Emma Chat: What is Slow Living? 

In this episode of The Good Dirt Podcast, Mary and Emma sit down for a deep dive as a duo into the concept of slow living and what their relationship is to it in 2024. We hear them discuss their philosophy and also the challenges they’ve faced in adopting a slow living mindset, and share how they’ve come to view it as a quest in life. They also answer some listener questions from Instagram, sharing their thoughts on slow living with full schedules, clutter, city living, cooking, and balancing lives as pet owners or parents. Strategies, tips and tricks are explored to overcome these barriers, highlighting the importance of mindfulness and appreciative living. You’ll leave this episode with a sense of how you can apply slow living to your everyday, but if you want an even more guided approach, become a part of the upcoming Slow Living Challenge taking place in March, where you will receive daily prompts and inspirations to help you live in the moment.

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Topics Discussed

· Understanding Slow Living

· Personal Experiences with Slow Living

· The Impact of Life Phases on Slow Living

· The Importance of Individual Experiences in Slow Living

· The Role of Clutter in Slow Living

· Defining Slow Living

· The Evolution & Challenges of Slow Living

· The Role of Nature in Slow Living

· The Impact of Productivity on Slow Living

· The Role of Mindfulness in Slow Living

· The Importance of Balance in Slow Living

· Clutter & Waste

· The Role of Nature in Slow Living

· The Impact of Anxiety on Slow Living

· The Role of Food in Slow Living

· The Impact of Takeout on Waste and Stress Levels

· The Role of Conscious Consumption in Slow Living

· Living Slowly in a Fast-Paced City

· The Amazon Dilemma: Convenience vs. Sustainability

· Pets, Slow Living and Sustainability

· Introducing the 2024 Slow Living Challenge

· The Joy of Libraries and Slow Living with Kids

· Embracing Slow Living in Everyday Life

Episode Resources:

· Listen to The Good Dirt “Designing the Life of Your Dreams in a Consumer Culture with Stephanie O'Dea of The Slow Living Podcast”

· The Libby App


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