Leah Webb

155. Creating a Backyard Microfarm with Leah Webb, Author of "The 7 Step Homestead" 

In this episode we're talking to Leah Webb, author of The Seven Step Homestead about how to turn any yard into a primary food source with vegetables, fruits, chickens, pollinator plants and medicinal herbs. A mother of two children with unique medical needs, Leah utilizes food grown in her own backyard garden as an important part of her children's integrative care. She sees herself as a solutions-based Family Food and Garden Coach, with a goal of guiding families in making small yet impactful steps towards sourcing their own nutrition and achieving long term dietary, cooking, and gardening goals. She is also the author of The Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Family Cookbook. In this conversation, we delve into the challenges and benefits of growing and preparing nutrient dense food, and the practicalities of creating your own microfarm in the space you already have. If you are one of many with a goal to connect with the land and create more independence from the industrial food system, Leah can guide you through, step-by-step.

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Topics Discussed

• A Stormy Week in the DC Area

• Leah's Background in Nutrition Education and Her Path to Creating a Microfarm in her own Backyard.

• Being a Mom to Kids with Unique Medical Needs and the Role of Gardening and Home Grown Food in their Integrative Care.

• Learning the Basics of Gardening for Food

• Eating Home Grown Vegetables

• Food Preservation

• Convenience Foods

• Priorities & Food

• Investing in Homesteading

• Start Small for the Long Haul

• Which Plants to Start With

• Planting Charts

• Using, Measuring, and Creating Compost

• The Difference Between Homesteading and Gardening

• Homesteading , Self Sufficiency and Community

• Finding an Alternative to the Industrial Food Industry

• Consumer Awareness of Food

• Regenerative Growing Practices


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• Website: https://www.leahmwebb.com/

• Instagram @leah_m_webb https://www.instagram.com/leah_m_webb/

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeahMWebbWellness/



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