Mary DeJong

185. Reimagining Our Place in the Landscape: Eco-Spirituality and Rewilding with Mary DeJong

Spiritual Ecologist and Eco-Theologian Mary DeJong presents her perspective on how we can each reconnect with the sacred Earth through rewilding our inner selves. DeJong works with Waymarkers, guiding others through retreats and pilgrimages, with an emphasis on placing Earth first in each decision we make. In this conversation we explore Celtic tradition and the primacy of creation, how the language we use shifts the various hierarchical ladders in our society, and the way that different spiritualities have more in common than we think. We discuss themes of change, belonging, the importance of reimagining our understanding of divinity in relation to the earth, and the power of stories and language in shaping human experience and perception of the natural world.

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Topics Discussed

· Exploring Eco Spirituality

· Impact of Rapid Development on Personal Beliefs

· Exploring Indigenous Cultures and Traditions

· The Importance of Reconnecting with Earth

· Sacred Soil & Putting the Earth First

· Rewilding Our Inner Selves

· The Impact of Language on Our Perception of Nature

· Land Restoration and Living in Harmony with the Seasons

· The Origin of Our Disconnection from Nature

· The Power of Local Action

· Restoration and Reclamation of Urban Landscapes

· The Transformation of a Landscape

· Exploring Celtic Spiritual Traditions

· The Celtic Imagination and Connection to the Divine

· The Natural World and Spiritual Practice

· Reading Wisdom in the Wild

· The Impact of Language on Our Perception of Nature

· Reimagining the Divine and the Role of Imagination

· Seeing the Earth as God's Body

· Our Heroic Journey, Mythology, and Pilgrimage


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