Sharon Bailey

184. Movement as Medicine, Navigating Nature’s Rhythms, and Regenerative Business with Sharon Bailey

We all have bodies that we carry with us throughout our entire lives, but how do we take care of ourselves as we get older? Educator, Business Mentor, Coach, and soon-to-be Physical Therapist Sharon Bailey is here to discuss how she approaches her body and her life as she ages, and her advice will apply in your 20s to your 90s. Here on International Women's Day, we are diving into Nature’s Rhythm of the female and menstruating body, and how we are each effected when we go into perimenopause and menopause. Sharon dives into her journey towards becoming a Physical Therapist, strength training, and coaching healers. She touches upon the challenges that healers often face in running their businesses, including frequent burnout and compassion fatigue. This is all about exploring the intersection of lifestyle habits, physical health, shifting hormones, and business sustainability — leaving you filled with joy and hope by the end.


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Topics Discussed

· International Women’s Day

· Getting Divorced

· Changing Business Names

· Moving to Grand Junction

· The Transformation of Physical Fitness

· Pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy

· Movement as Medicine

· Strength Training’s Effect on Perimenopause/Menopause

· Regenerative Business & Regenerative Business Practices

· Coaching Healers

· Centering Mental Health as a Business

· Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in the Healthcare Industry

· Hormonal Cycles and the Rhythm of Work

· Allopathic Medicine

· Remembering that We are the Earth

· The Magic in the Mundane

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· Adam Grant

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· Dr. Mary Claire Haver, MD, author of The New Menopause

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