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Welcome March and welcome spring! Even with the unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather, we can see life returning to the landscape. In this episode, we will hear the story of Demeter and Persephone, the ancient Greek myth that explains why we have four seasons. We'll also explore the cultural significance of St. Patrick's Day and consider the deeper impact of its origins. Planting begins this month for many, so we'll discuss the moon calendar for getting the growing season off to a good start. We'll learn how the tradition of Hot Cross Buns blends both pre-Christian and Easter traditions, and how the return of the spring peepers brings joy and hope in a time of eco-anxiety.
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March is a month of anticipation for spring, with its unpredictable weather and the return of life.
Cultural narratives and traditions can shape our relationship with the earth and impact our collective responsibility.
Climate change is affecting gardening practices, with earlier seasons and the need for adaptation.
The unity of pre-Christian traditions and Easter can be celebrated through the tradition of Hot Cross Buns.
The return of the spring peepers brings hope in a time of environmental challenges.

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2023 Updated USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map:


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