Paul Hawken

191.  Paul Hawken on Carbon, Climate and Connection

In this conversation with best selling author and activist Paul Hawken, we discuss the reframing of our relationship with nature by moving away from the concept of "othering" ourselves, and more towards the integration of our interconnectedness. Paul speaks of the cultural disconnect, the role of language in shaping our perception of the environment, and how crucial it is to engage directly with the natural world. Hawken's vast experience, including starting the first natural food company (Erewhon) in the U.S. and working with Martin Luther King Jr., as well as his involvement in founding Regeneration and NEXUS, are all a result of a lifetime of pursuing solutions to our climate crisis. He shares how he views carbon and climate change through a lens of interconnectedness and flow rather than as isolated problems. He also talks about his upcoming book, 'Carbon, the Book of Life,' the significance of soil regeneration, societal shifts and the connection between joy and sustainability as well as the power of individual and community action in the face of environmental challenges.

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Topics Discussed

· Opening Reflections: Embracing Nature and Conversations on Disconnection

· Insights from Paul Hawken: Bridging the Gap Between Humanity and Nature

· Organic Food Pioneer

· Finding Your Environmental Voice

· Exploring the Language of Nature and Indigenous Wisdom

· The Power of Language in Healing Our Relationship with the Planet

· Redefining Success and the Essence of Soil

· The Transformation of Soil and Agriculture

· Ultra Processed Food

· Soil's Organism and Its Impact on Plant Health

· The Haber-Bosch Process

· Exploring Soil Acoustics and Its Significance

· The Power of Community and Individual Action

· Reconnecting with Nature Outside of the Internet

· Sensationalism in Media

· Indigenous Voices & Decolonizing Our Perspectives

· Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

· Joy and Sustainability

· Carbon & The Myth of Carbon Neutral

· Empowering Actions Through Nexus and

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